smiling planet, a book of loving the world by frederick deane
the world is wonderfull, let's make her smile
so close your eyes and dream for a while
dream of something impossible to do like juggling a lion and a zebra too
reach for the stars with your feet on the ground.stand on your head and turn all around
ou might fall but don't be blue if you're nice to mother earth all your dreams come true
if you use less save more and do what's right, then fairies will fly to light up the night
tiny fairy sprinkles will glow in the sky, and we'll sing happy songs, and no one will cry
small -am i still an elephant if i am really small? yes, i am
boy girl
together it's a wonderfull world
so hold your neighbor's hand, squeeze it tight, pray for love and peace with all your might
to make the world smile, all you have to do is take care of her the way she takes care of you

loving the world, a bedtime story, 26 pages


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